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Fermworks Fermworks – Lab Automation: Process Control and Data Management

Process Control and Automation

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FermWorks is a comprehensive process control and automation application that was developed in close cooperation with scientists at leading pharmaceutical companies. It has been used successfully since the early 2000s in pharmaceutical, biopharm, biotech, and biofuel industries, in fermentation and cell culture R&D labs, and at academic institutions. We continue to work closely with our customers developing new capabilities in FermWorks and extending its application to new fields. FermWorks collects measurements and analytical results from many different sources, regardless of instrument make or model, unifying the data into a single software interface. Flexible control strategies automate processes in FermWorks, making more efficient use of staff time and resources and boosting productivity.


Experiment Management

  • manage records of experiments
  • log acquired and calculated data to a historical repository
  • alert users if values exceed alarm limits, visually and by email
  • record manual entry of offline data with timestamps, and notes
  • comply with FDA standards: users, security, electronic signatures, and audit log

Process Automation

  • automate processes and respond autonomously
  • analyze data and perform complex calculations
  • use measurements or calculated results for feedback control
  • implement standard or innovative proprietary control strategies
  • customize and extend for specific applications

Data Connectivity

  • connect to a wide variety of instruments and devices  (see instruments)
  • unify data from many different sources into a single software interface
  • cooperate with other corporate software, such as LIMS or Electronic Notebooks
  • run on stand-alone computer or as a networked application on many computers
  • view or control remotely across the network, even outside the lab

Laboratory Productivity

  • monitor conditions for increased efficiency and productivity
  • simplify controller / reactor / fermenter and other instrument control
  • manage all instrumentation through a single application
  • create flexible control recipes with simple text
  • export raw data and calculations in configurable reports


This is a partial list of instruments and devices currently supported in FermWorks. We are continuously expanding this list, as new and different instruments are needed by our customers.

Mass Spectrometers

Temperature Control

Automated Sampling

LIMS, Electronic Notebook


The FermWorks application requires Windows OS. The demonstration version of FermWorks is fully functional but it is a trial version, limited to one month of use. The demo shows simulated bioreactor data for a typical biocontroller, and allows real communication with instruments that provide a standard OPC Server. To see a partial list of instruments supported in the full version of FermWorks, click here.

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WireWorks West creates software solutions for life sciences and other industries that empower technicians, scientists, researchers, and managers. Our software automates data management and process control for the R&D lab bench, through process development, pilot plant scale-up, and out to the factory floor. We connect all kinds of devices, communicate with various analytical instruments, and control processes. We collect, record, analyze, and present data to give clear insight into process behavior.

We offer our FermWorks product and also offer custom software development for a wide variety of other applications, including DNA synthesis, fluidics automation, and ultrasonic materials testing. WireWorks West is a National Instruments Alliance Member with expertise in LabVIEW applications development and integration of National Instruments hardware.

We stand behind our customers with exceptional technical support.

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