Director of Cell Culture R&D, Bayer

With FermWorks managing our lab’s automation, we have increased user productivity up to 30 Minutes / Bioreactor / Day. FermWorks provides accurate historical data logging for Online (process) and Atline (instrument) values.

Bay Area technology company

We purchased FermWorks in a gas sensor project, which also required a fair amount of customization for our specific application & analyses, all with good success.

California biotech company

We use FermWorks to control multiple fermenters as well as integrate external sensors and actuators. It works well and can handle complex programs. Very powerful, very flexible.

California biotech company

The Fermworks interface is very easy to use and navigate, well organized and intuitive. One of the reasons we chose Fermworks is because of the flexibility to set up each station for a variety of devices. Fermworks has allowed us to not only automate our process, but very closely duplicate the control strategies used atContinue reading “California biotech company”